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24 sep 2020 om 12:26 Bezorging duurt lang maar wel verrukkelijk eten
22 sep 2020 om 20:49 Took 1h to get here instead than the 40min planned and was missing some French fries from the menu. Otherwise the food was good
18 sep 2020 om 10:19 Great food! The cooking is a bit slow though - need to wait for 50 minutes before delivery can pick it up.
17 sep 2020 om 9:46 Food was okay but cold.. But the driver was really friendly and perfectly on time.
17 sep 2020 om 9:45 my drinks order was not included
11 sep 2020 om 21:23 This was truly shit. Paid 30 euro to wait more than 1,5 hour for a cold meal. Never again.
7 sep 2020 om 7:21 Nice burger, but there seemed to be some cheese-like substance on there. I assume it's something else but it tasted like cheese.
5 sep 2020 om 18:12 Was verrukkelijk lekker!
4 sep 2020 om 21:47 Placed an order and was told it will arrive in 45 mins. 2 hours later and 2 calls with 4 people at your customer service I still don’t have my food and don’t have a refund. Yours is a terrible business that does not know how to handle orders/customers
4 sep 2020 om 20:28 Verrukkelijk zoals altijd!
1 sep 2020 om 10:12 Both burgers were weird. The vegan patty was breaking apart and it was thin and flat. Nothing like what we are used to from vegan junk food. Usually it’s thick, meaty, juicy, superstar of the burger. Now it was bread, sauce and veggies, and patty was lost
28 aug 2020 om 13:54 Eten was lekker. Moesten alleen al drie kwartier wachten tot de bestelling zou komen en vervolgens kwam het nog een uur later.